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As avid gardeners, we share our experience and knowledge to help other green thumbs around the globe. All of our articles are catered towards helping you get the most out of your home garden. 

My name is Jason Jacques, and I’m the publisher of this website. 

I’ve been digging in the dirt for as long as I can remember. With both parents being gardening hobbyists, I grew up learning from them. My mom would always take me to garden centers to pick out plants and tools for her enjoyment. My father would always bring me along to pick out seeds for our vegetable gardens.

Planting vegetables was always my favorite. I loved sowing the seeds. Then watching them grow into food we filled our fridge with. There’s something so rewarding about eating the food you grew yourself. You can’t get that from buying it at a grocery store.

Sometime around 2008, I moved out of the house. I first had a shared place with roommates. And fortunately, we had a nice backyard. While my roomies didn’t share the same enjoyment for gardening, they sure enjoyed eating from it!

A couple of seasons later, I moved into my own apartment. At that point, I realized how much I took gardening for granted. Growing edibles was no longer as easy. I couldn’t mound rows of potatoes. Or span a stretch of wire for beanstalks. Enter balcony gardening with containers. And indoor edibles such as microgreens and herbs. 

Ultimately, my goal is to find myself back on a chunk of land. Harvesting my own food from a bountiful vegetable garden. Not only that, but build a small hobby farm. Raising chickens (oh how I love farm fresh eggs) and other small animals. Stay tuned for updates on that!

In the meantime, I’m sowing seeds (pun intended) and growing through my other hobby: creating websites and informational content that helps others. 

Where Gardens Grow is a space to harvest what I’m learning and share it with the world. Including the best tools, tips, and practices to make the most out of your passion for gardening.

So whether you are looking to make the most of your backyard, or small scale apartment gardens – we are here to provide the information you need to be successful. 

Thank you for stopping by!